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Icefields Parkway

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The Icefields Parkway is a legendary stretch of Highway 93. Running for 230 km (142.5-mile), the route links Lake Louise in the south with Jasper in the north.

The scenic route runs through both Banff and Jasper national parks, traversing the Canadian Rockies. It also runs near the Columbia Icefield, hence the route’s name.

Along the route you’ll see snowcapped mountains, glaciers, alpine forests, vistas that go on forever and, perhaps, some of the local wildlife.




カナディアン ロッキー上空を飛行する20分間のヘリコプターツアーでは、1週間分のドキドキが得られ、世界有数の景観をご堪能いただけます。離陸後、アブラハム湖の全景を眺め、クライン ...  続きを読む

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  • 言語: 英語
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