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Curtin Springs

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There’s a cattle ranch in Australia’s center that’s bigger than the state of Rhode Island. An arid grassland covered in dust and 4,500 cattle, it’s also a welcome, comfortable stop on the road leading west towards Uluru. When the Severin family moved out here in 1956, they saw a total of six people in their first year out on the ranch. Gradually, however, hardy tourists heading west towards Uluru would stop for fuel and supplies, and what began as a way to help weary travelers has grown to a guesthouse, bar, and ranch that’s an Australian site to itself. Take a guided walk through grasslands that stretch towards red-earthed horizons, and learn how the grass is converted on site into natural, Curtin Springs paper. Hop aboard a 4WD and go bouncing away towards Mt. Conner—an open swath of land and hills that’s covered in kangaroos. Have a yarn at the Curtin Springs pub with a colorful outback character, or simply get some much needed sleep from the long, adventurous drive.



エアーズ ロック発4WDで巡るコナー山の小グループ ツアー

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これはウルルから100キロの場所にあるコナー山でのユニークな他では味わえない体験です。 これは本物のオーストラリアの大自然体験です。 この魅力的なツアーで、砂漠に住む生物に出会いましょう。 4WDで非日常的な環境を巡り、人混みからかけ離れたレッド センターの雰囲気を存分に味わって下さい。 続きを読む

  • ロケーション: エアーズロック, オーストラリア
  • 所要時間: 8時間
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