オークランドスカイタワーは、ニュージーランドで最も高い建物です。展望台では、周囲80kmにおよぶ壮大な景色が広がっています。スカイラウンジやオブザーバトリーレストランでは、飲み物や食事などを楽しみながら、360度のパノラマの絶景を望むことができます。  ...  続きを読む

Albert Park

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With a prime location at the heart of central Auckland, Albert Park is the ultimate urban garden, with its pretty flower beds and towering palm trees set against a backdrop of looming skyscrapers ...  続きを読む

Motutapu Island

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Located alongside the scenic island of Rangitoto, the emerald landscapes, striking coastline and thick forests of Motutapu Island attract visitors from across the globe. Sandy beaches and easy ...  続きを読む

Aotea Square


Smack in the middle of downtown Auckland just off of bustling Queen Street, Aotea Square is a popular spot for festivals, gatherings, and events. Located just across from the Auckland Town Hall, ...  続きを読む

Auckland Fish Market


Whether you see it, hear it, or smell it first, approaching the bustling Auckland Fish Market is always an exciting experience. Here along Auckland’ famous waterfront, fisherman returning back to ...  続きを読む