Aotea Square

Aotea Square
Smack in the middle of downtown Auckland just off of bustling Queen Street, Aotea Square is a popular spot for festivals, gatherings, and events. Located just across from the Auckland Town Hall, Aotea Square provides over an acre of open space downtown, and after a massive renovation in 2010, can now accommodate up to 20,000 people for rallies or open-air concerts. Aside from a handful of shade producing trees, the square houses large, public works of art such as statues and Maori sculptures, the most famous being the Waharoa gate that serves as the entrance from Queen Street. In summer, dance under the stars when part of the square is converted into a dance floor, or strap on skates in the middle of winter when an ice rink is built in the square. During any time of the year, simply sitting and people watching is an entertaining activity, and if it happens to be a nice summer day, then grab a picnic and stop by the square for a leisurely coffee and drink, as the whole of Auckland seems to twirl right around you—centered right here on the square.
住所: 50 Mayoral Dr, Auckland, New Zealand 1010, ニュージーランド

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