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Antilla Shipwreck

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The waters of Aruba are lined with shipwrecks, thanks to the treacherous rock outcroppings that the Caribbean has long been notorious for. Luckily, these shipwrecks make for great tourist attractions and amazing dive and snorkeling sites, as they play host to scores of marine life, as well as enticing historical stories of bygone eras.

The Antilla Shipwreck is Aruba’s most popular shipwreck site, named after the SS Antilla – a Hamburg America Line cargo ship. Launched in 1939, the poor Antilla operated for less than a year before running aground. Today, however, it makes for a great snorkeling and diving opportunity, as it acts as a safe-haven for the abundant sea life of the Caribbean, and lobster, sea turtles and manta rays are regularly seen here.