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その圧倒的な美しさはもとより、地球上で3番目に多い淡水の量を誇り、現在も成長を続けている数少ない氷河の一つとして有名なペリート・モレーノ氷河。チリのパイネ山群の花崗岩の尖塔からアルゼンチンのロス・グラシアレス国立公園へゆっくりと流れ込んでいます。  ...  続きを読む


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Buenos Aires’ largest barrio, the northern district of Palermo encompasses a number of city hotspots, favored by the city’s most cosmopolitan and fashionable ...  続きを読む

Recoleta Cemetery

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While it may seem odd that one of Buenos Aires’ principal tourist attractions is a cemetery, the Recoleta Cemetery is no ordinary graveyard. Encircled by a ...  続きを読む

La Boca

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South of downtown Buenos Aires, by the port, the working-class enclave of La Boca has a strong Italian flavor and plenty of artistic flair. The barrio is ...  続きを読む

Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral is a major attraction in the Bariloche area. It’s 20 km southwest of the city, and is a 2388-meter (7,800-foot) high peak from which you can ...  続きを読む

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

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Parque Nacional Los Glaciares protects Argentina’s wild Patagonian expanses of icy glaciers and mountain lakes. With a massive 47 glaciers, the Andean ice cap ...  続きを読む

Casa Rosada

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The eye-catching salmon-pink façade of Argentina’s presidential palace is one of the capital’s most iconic sights, standing proud over the city’s ...  続きを読む

Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

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Located in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden opened in 1898 based on a design by French architect Carlos Thays. Today ...  続きを読む

Buenos Aires Zoo

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With over 350 different animal species and an acclaimed exotic breeding program, Buenos Aires Zoo is the go-to place for urban wildlife spotting, hitting ...  続きを読む

National Library

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Located in a quiet corner of Recoleta, the Argentine National Library is the largest library in the country and one of the most important in South America. In ...  続きを読む

Upsala Glacier

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The Upsala Glacier upstages even Perito Moreno in scale. South America’s largest glacier, Upsala measures 50km long and 10km wide (31 miles long, 6 miles ...  続きを読む

Don Silvano Ranch

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Don Silvano Ranch (Estancia Don Silvano in Spanish) sits on the pampas outside the Argentine capital. A day trip to this ranch gives visitors a glimpse into ...  続きを読む

Cafe Tortoni

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Buenos Aires enjoys a vibrant cafe culture, but few of the city’s cafes are quite as iconic as Cafe Tortoni. Opened in 1858 by a French immigrant, the cafe ...  続きを読む

Kavanagh Building

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On a corner of Plaza San Martin in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires stands one of its most iconic buildings. The Kavanagh Building was designed in 1934 ...  続きを読む


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With its scenic waterways, riverside funfair and lively handicrafts market, the charming provincial town of Tigre offers a welcome change of pace from nearby ...  続きを読む