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Santa Catalina Monastery (Monasterio de Santa Catalina)

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Inaugurated on October 2, 1580, 40 years after the city was founded, the Monastery of Saint Catherine has grown to become a city in itself. In fact, its over 215,285-foot-square design resembles the original city streets of Arequipa. Arequipa is often called the “White City” due to the fact that many of the buildings are made of volcanic white sillar, and this structure is no exception. It’s also made of ashlar, or petrified volcanic ash, coming from Volcan Chachani which overlooks Arequipa.

Visitors are able to explore the monastery on their own, wandering through narrow streets, ambient courtyards, peaceful plazas and ancient churches. Along with the historical churches and chapels, check out some of the cloisters. There is the Main Cloister, the largest in the monastery with paintings and confessionals, and the Cloister of the Oranges, which features three beautiful crosses residing amongst vibrant orange trees.



サンタ カタリナ修道院入場券

アレキパのサンタ カタリナ修道院はペルーと南米における極めて重要かつ独特な建築作品のひとつだと考えられており、400年以上の歴史を誇ります。修道院はその内部に街路、回廊、監房、広場に加え、プール、洗濯場、墓地をいくらか有するので、「都市内の都市」として知られています。 ...  続きを読む

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