Lake Spenard

Lake Spenard (along with Lake Hood, which it is connected to by canals) is the world’s busiest and largest floatplane runway. Visiting is a truly memorable experience, and in the summer it’s a popular place to enjoy a picnic and watch a free air show. Aircraft are almost constantly taking off and landing—about 200 per day–and heading in and out of the lesser-explored parts of Alaska. 

Even if you aren’t an aviation enthusiast, there are other activities to enjoy at Lake Spenard. Along with a playground and swimming area with a lifeguard—perfect for families with children—there are picnic tables, volleyball courts and other areas for sport and recreation. Additionally, photographers will love capturing the action, especially with the sparkling glaciers and soaring peaks in the background. 

The Millennium Alaskan Hotel sits nearby and has a terrace restaurant with views of the lake. Here you can watch the floatplanes take off while munching on seafood tacos, prime rib or crab and scallop macaroni and cheese. 

Practical Info

Lake Spenard is located on Lakeshore Drive, just off Spenard Road. The best time to visit is the summer. 
住所: Lakeshore Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99517, アメリカ

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