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Oude Kerk (Old Church)

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The Oude Kerk (or Old Church) is the city's oldest surviving building, consecrated in 1306. Yet the location of this triple-nave, late-Gothic church embodies a huge moral contradiction: it's in full view of the Red Light District, with passers-by getting chatted up a stones throw from the church walls.

Still, this Gothic-style church rewards visitors with one of the finest carillons in the country, the city's oldest church bell (1450), and a stunning Christian Müller organ that’s still used for recitals. Check out the lively 15th century carvings on the choir stalls, some of which are downright rude.

The floor of the church consists entirely of gravestones, as the church itself was built on a cemetery. There are 2,500 graves in the Oude Kerk, under which are buried 10,000 Amsterdam citizens, including Rembrandt's first wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh. Rembrandt himself visited the Oude Kerk often, and his children were all christened here.



I amsterdam Card - アムステルダム市内観光パス

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アムステルダムの観光には、市内の美術館や博物館、公共交通機関が無料になる市内観光パス、I amsterdam City Cardがあると便利です。 ゴッホ美術館、レンブラントの家、エルミタージュ美術館など、38の美術館や博物館の入場が無料になります。 ...  続きを読む

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一番人気の2つのツアーをお得な料金で組み合わせたこのパッケージで、オランダの魅力に思う存分浸ってください。 午前中にアムステルダムから出発して、有名なザーンセスカンス風車村(Zaanse Schans)と、趣のある漁村のマルケン(Marken)とフォーレンダム(Volenda)を訪れます。 ...  続きを読む

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