Topping off the western side of Amsterdam’s plush Canal Ring and crossing into the bohemian enclave of the Jordaan, Brouwersgracht is an enticing canal lined with narrow, gabled townhouses and former warehouses with façades that tilt precariously forwards. Connecting the canals of Singel and Singelgracht, it has been voted the prettiest street in the city and its length is home to hundreds of houseboats moored chaotically along the bank. In the 17th century known for its tanners and brewers, the canal has lost little of its tranquil atmosphere even though many of its houses have been converted into luxurious apartments and boutique hotels. It also has some architectural highlights: Brouwersgracht 2 has one of the best examples of 16th-century step gables in the city; the row at Brouwersgracht 188–194 were formerly warehouses storing leather, coffee and spices, and sport a series of identical spout gables dating from the 17th century; and several houses, including no 162, have graphics of fish above their doors, indicating that they were once premises dedicated to the processing of herring and other fish caught locally. 

Practical Info

Brouwersgracht is open to all 24/7, free of charge. It’s within easy walking distance of the Centraal Station.

住所: Amsterdam, Netherlands 1013 HC, オランダ
営業時間: 24/7 Daily

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