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Alanya Castle

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Alanya Castle is a medieval castle located in the coastal town of Alanya, Turkey. It was built in the 13th century on top of earlier Byzantine Era and Roman Era fortifications. During the Ottoman Empire, the castle was no longer needed for defensive reasons, and today it is a museum. The castle sits 820 feet high on a rocky peninsula that sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea. The sea protects the castle from three sides, and this high vantage point gives visitors an impressive view of Alanya, the sea, and the surrounding countryside, including the Pamphylian plain and Cilician mountains.

The walls that surround the castle stretch for four miles. Inside the castle walls, visitors can explore the ruins which include the remains of 400 cisterns that once provided water to the castle, an 11th-century Byzantine church, several mosques, monuments, and the battlements. There are also several impressive towers along the walls including the 95-foot Red Tower.