Agadir Beach

Agadir Beach, for all its fame, doesn’t really feel like Morocco. Depending on what you’re looking for this can either be good or bad, and if it’s a break from Moroccan food and tea the Western influence is welcome. If, on the other hand, you’re lusting for authentic experiences and rich doses of culture— you might want to just give Agadir a pass or accept it for what it is. As Morocco’s largest and most popular beach resort, Agadir caters to pre-packaged tourists much more than the independent traveler. Resorts and restaurants line the sand that stretches for nearly six miles, and cabanas, cocktails, and crashing surf round out the coastal scene.

The temperature here is surprisingly mild during every month of the year, where the sun continues to shine through winter but stays relatively cool through summer. Though Agadir was rocked in 1960 by a hugely destructive earthquake, the old Casbah on the hill above town has walls dating back to the 1500s and inscriptions in Arabic and Dutch. More importantly, the view looking out over Agadir Bay is arguably the best in the city, with a Casbah sunset offering a view you’re sure to never forget. 

Practical Info

Agadir Beach is located 35 minutes from the Agadir Al Massira Airport, and three hours south of Marrakech by car. Coastal fog is common in summer, and ocean temperatures range between 63-70° and are the warmest in September and October. 
住所: Agadir, Morocco, モロッコ





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